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The Importance of SEO

A well structured site with good seo will rise to the top of natural search foc.

The primary focus of any web site is to get as high up on search engine listings as possible for key phrases that prospective customers will use to find what they are looking for.

A well structured site with good seo will rise to the top of what is known as “natural” search – that’s everything below the paid for listings at the top and right hand side in Google – without further marketing costs.

To achieve this it is important all aspects of the site structure, including folders, headlines, body copy and page descriptions are all focused on seo.

We will maximise your natural search engine ranking by making sure all these elements are properly constructed, and assist you in copy and headline writing to produce excellent seo results.

The Key to getting onto page 1 of Google:

Clean Folder structure

The folder structure of a web site must be properly constructed so that Google can understand what each section, and the products that are in it, are all about. You can see the folder structure of any web site in the address bar at the top of your browser.

The screen grab above shows the clean folder structure of a site called What Mobile ( .

You will see from the above screen grab that when you visit the Nokia reviews section the site has the correct folder structure: /Reviews/NokiaReviews/.

This is something that Google can understand, and when it indexes this site it can tell there are reviews on Nokias to be read. Compare this with a typical badly constructed site as follows:

It’s clear that this folder structure presents complete gobbledegook to any search engine.

Your new site will have the correct clean folder structures necessary for search engines to find your content.

Contact us

The first stage of ensuring your new web ste is correctly set up for good seo is to get in touch. Send our Managing Director Charles Smith an email at [email protected]

Or pick up the phone and tell us a bit about your business. 01544 318 118.

What our Customers Say

‘Trafika have supported and developed St Giles Trust’s website for many years. We have remained with them as we have found their service to be professional, tailored and flexible. We are not particularly experienced in IT issues so especially value the way that Trafika guide us through the techno maze with patience and good humour.” – Tamsin Gregory, Head of Communications, St Giles Trust

“Trafika’s ability to speak in a language that we can understand has been a major factor in our successful partnership and we look forward to many more years of growth and fun under the guidance of Charles and his team., Damian Doherty, Features Editor Drug Discovery World. (email sent Aug 2010)

“Charles, Your help has been greatly appreciated.Thanks again. It is not easy to find professionals, such as you, who care about their clients”. Kind regards, Maryann Butler, Primrose Hill Press. (email sent June 2010)